Audrey Louise Reilly

  • Position:Director
Audrey Fine Art is a gallery born from my love of art and my desire to help the community better appreciate it in all its forms. I am devoted to sourcing a wide variety of works from Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australian artists – from traditional to contemporary, through to modern, impressionist, abstract, stills, rural, streetscapes, and pop art, I have something for everyone. Plus an increasing number of beautiful Australian sculptures.


My aim is to provide the connection between the discerning art buyer to top-tier Australian artists and artworks via first-class art appreciation events and local gallery access. Through my own deep understanding of each artist, their philosophy, their processes, and their meaning and the mark-making. I can assure my client that they are making the wisest choice for aesthetic or for investment purposes. I also provide an interior design service that optimises the impact and pleasure from each piece whether it hangs in your home or corporate office space.


With over 25 years in advertising, PR and media, I have the skill set to offer you more than just a painting or a sculpture, I can offer a complete package.
If it’s an exhibition, a red carpet event or a simple get-together, nothing is too small, I’m here to attend to your every need.


Hope to see you in the gallery really soon… Audrey-Louise