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Born in New Zealand, Tim was the youngest of four children. He has lived for over 30 years in Australia and brought up two children in Sydney. They are both now young adults.

His childhood was spent around creatives and writers, thanks to his mother’s passion for the Arts, which led him to discover J.M.W Turner. Turners paintings so often capture a glow shining from deep within, and it was Tim fascination with this idea which sparked his whole journey as an artist.  That is the key to the work he does now. The inner glow. It has been a lifetime study to capture that, and Tim’s journey still continues with this intangible riddle.


At 20, Tim decided on a career in the film and television industry with a long-term goal of becoming a Director of Photography ( Cinematographer).

Significantly, he spent six years in the Lighting Department of the Seven Network – a period which refined his craft, and honed his innate curiosity about how light works. This cadetship taught him all aspects of lighting the studio, and the film set.

Yet underneath the technical mastery, Tim could always feel his artistic passion driving his towards a deeper understanding of Nature’s light play in our visible world.

Further, he came to fully understand motion blur, which is the essence of the moving image.  An image well captured, can deeply move people.

Tim Laffey’s greatest joy of his work as a DOP was mastering “how to paint with light”. And it is that soul of a filmmaker that still enriches his work as an artist.



Currently, in Tim’s portraiture, he is exploring the human form, while his landscapes are reflecting the complex dance of light and shade across the earth.



At the heart of my work is Light. The play of light and shadow across landscape, water, and human form. As a visual artist, I partner with Nature’s rich colour palette. My work captures light to echo the brushstrokes of the painter. I work in one medium, to explore another.