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Sophie was born in Tokyo, Japan and grew up in both Tokyo and Kyoto with her two sisters, also artists, and her older brother. She was educated in Japanese schools until she moved to Sydney in 2001, is bilingual and bicultural in Japanese and English and continues to be a frequent visitor to Japan. Sophie and her older and younger sisters are professional artists. From an early age, sharing their childhoods in Japan, they all drew and painted together and this relationship, founded in their artistic careers, is unusually intense and close. Sophie has a university background in environmental science, and her love of the natural world is reflected in her work, in which she most often paints animal subjects. While at university, Sophie had the opportunity to spend five weeks at the National University of Singapore as part of an exchange program for science students; and in 2012, Sophie spent three weeks in Shanghai. Sophie’s work, like the work of her two sisters, reflects the experiences of her childhood growing up surrounded by both traditional and contemporary Japanese art as well as her experiences travelling overseas. Sophie’s vibrant and idiosyncratic use of colour reflects her formative years in Japan. Japanese artists, particularly fabric artists and contemporary artists, utilise intense colour, often overlaying contrasting patterns and colour schemes in a way that is uncommon in Western art. 

Sophie has been a semi-finalist in the national Doug Moran Portraiture Prize in 2015 and has also been a finalist in the Hunters Hill Art Prize in 2015, 2016 and 2017. She was also a finalist in the Mosman Art Prize 2016. 

Recently, Sophie has been re-interpreting the animal subject etchings and paintings of the 15th/16th-century German artist Albrecht Durer. She has also created a series of large works inspired by the renowned 18th-century Japanese artist Ito Jakuchu.