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1978 Paddington Sydney New South Wales Australia


Fine Art National Art School Sydney NSW Australia MA in art College of Fine Art NSW Australia Mark is known for his large scale, brash works and takes the viewer on a journey of discovery into his own world.

A contemporary realistic action painter, he is influenced and inspired by American modernist painter Jackson Pollock’s dripping of paint, Picasso’s linear soft forms and his love for travel.

Mark often visually narrates daily life allowing the collector to be immediately transported to those international grand cities when connecting with his work. Mark is especially known for his large scale streetscapes and iconic well known city overviews.

Mark Hanham’s celebrity collectors include Russell Crowe, Lionel Richie, Mark Taylor CEO Taylor Constructions, Atlassian Corp PLC’s Sydney Scott Farquhar & Kim Jackson, Gareth Richards McGrath Real Estate Mosman, Chief Winemaker Lisa McGuigan, Lisa McGuigan Wines, Australian cricket player & former captain Shane Watson & his wife, TV celebrity Lee Watson & many corporate and large private collections Australia and worldwide.

Hanham’s universal themes appeal to new collectors and seasoned connoisseurs as well as enthusiastic or nostalgic traveler. His bold expressive landscapes of iconic urban centres – Sydney, London, Paris, NYC, Venice, Tokyo and Melbourne – are unique.

Hanham’s point of difference is scale and energy but all counterpoised with romanticism and a commentary on the human condition.



” I did not simply choose to be an artist, it probably started when I was a child growing up in the inner city of Sydney surrounded by contemporary art galleries and people who are truly passionate about the arts.

My use of abstract line and form brings quite a range of problems to be solved. A series of imaginative developments involving colour, texture and more lines are added to my works until I am satisfied that I have captured a moment in time. I have tried to take a more literal approach to abstract expressionism since completing my Masters Degree in 2004 through a more figurative way of working, so that you can see what the image is without seeing it all. This allows the viewer to imbue their individual sense into the work. It invites them to get involved.

A lot of my work is about street and cityscapes, it’s about the chaos of a city, the rush and too the alienation that occurs with urban living”. Mark Hanham 2020 ”