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Jasper Knight (b. 1978) is a Sydney-based artist known for his bright, brash colours and distinctive graphic approach, using materials such as spray paint, masonite, pegboard and salvaged signage. Influenced by graffiti, pop art and mixed media practices, Knight’s work is often characterised by the inclusion of industrial landscapes and objects such as ports, cars, trucks and boats. Large blocks of colour drip and move across the surface of his works, suggesting movement.

A significant contemporary artist, Knight has been a finalist in the Archibald Prize multiple times including with portrait of Jason Phu in 2019, a self-portrait in 2009, Bob Carr in 2007, his grandfather Sir Harold Knight in 2006 and Richard Gill in 2005. Knight holds a Bachelor of Arts (Electronic and Temporal Art) from Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney and a Master of Arts (Painting and Drawing) from the College of Fine Arts, University of NSW. He won the 2008 Mosman Art Prize and the 2015 Art Sulman Prize, and has held many exhibitions in Australia, London, Berlin and Beijing.