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Henryk Szydlowski was born in Poland in 1950.  During the mid to late 1960’s Szydlowski attended the High School of Fine Arts in Jaroslaw, Poland.  It was not until 1976 that Szydlowski completed his stringent art training at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow attaining a Masters of Fine Arts Degree.

Szydlowski emigrated to New Zealand during the late 1970’s.  Whilst living in New Zealand Szydlowski lectured at the Whitcliffe Art School and exhibited his art in New Zealand and Australia.  In 1982 Szydlowski gained worldwide recognition by artists and critics for developing a new printing technique, which he named Polprint (Polish Print).

During the mide 1980’s, Szydlowski emigrated to Australia. Szydlowski lectured at the Claremont School of Fine Arts and in 1994 became a full time artist.  Since 1976, Szydlowski has exhibited in over 85 solo exhibitions and over 30 group exhibitions.

In 1996 and 2000 Szydlowski’s art was featured in a Collection Stamp Release.  On both occasions, the tribute was paid the Who’s Who in International Art, Lausanne, Switzerland.  In Italy 1998 Szydlowski was honoured as he was officially given the title of ‘Professor Henryk Szydlowski’ by the Accademia Internazionale Greci Marino  Acccademia Del Verbano, Di Lettere, Art, Science, Vercelli.

In 2003 Henryk Szydlowski published his first book title ‘Door to the Dreams.’  The book is part of the Masters of Today series published by World of Art.  The book features over 90 colourful pages of various oil paintings on canvas, created by Szydlowski since the early 1990’s.