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1968 Born in Sichuan Province.

Currently lives and works in Beijing and Chengdu.

Han Qing graduated from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in 1992.

He is represented by the Red Gate Gallery in Beijing. Han also lectures at Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts.

He has been offered multiple Artist in Residencies including residencies in the Netherlands, South Korea and Australia. In 2012, the Year of Australia – China Cultural Year, Han was invited by the Australian Government for a two-week artists in residence at Sydney Town Hall, during the Chinese New Year celebrations.

In 2014, Han won the Australian BigCi Environment Award & was invited to the Blue Mountain Artist retreat for two months, followed by a solo exhibition. Guests attended including former Australia Foreign Minister and NSW Premier the Hon. Bob Carr, and the Sydney arts community.

Han Qing’s work exposes the human nature and social reality through renderings of the evening light.


2019 Harvey Galleries Mosman, Australia.

2018 Lost in Sanlitun, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing.

2015 Tales of a Director, Red Gate Gallery , Beijing .

2014 Special Exhibition for the Environmental Award ,BigCi, Australia .

2010 Han Qing New Work, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing.

2006 At Night, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, China.

2006 Night Jazz, Studio Rouge Gallery of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, China.

2004 Night Trip, Chengdu Art, Chengdu,China.

2004 Under the Light, Orient Foundation Macau – China Delegation, Macau,China.

2002 Street Light, Canvas International Art ,Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

2001 The Subject of Night, Antelope Art Gallery, Chengdu, China.