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Born in China in 1948, Kuo arrived in Australia in 1963 and studied at the National Art School, graduating in 1972. He was a lecturer in Painting and Printmaking at Alexander Mackie College of Advanced education from 1976 – 81, City Art Institute 1982 – 89 and the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales 1990 – 99 and a senior Lecturer at College of Fine Arts 2000 – 04. He has travelled widely throughout the USA, Europe and Asia.

His artistic inheritance is embedded in abstraction but influenced by his cultural heritage and the influences of Chinese calligraphy and philosophy. Kuo’s work has long been described by critics and arts writers as being located at an intersection of Western art traditions and methods with Eastern philosophies and sensibilities, reflecting his preoccupation with effecting an aesthetic reconciliation between the Western abstract sensibility and a uniquely Chinese form of calligraphic mark-making, through a visual language of gestural, lyrical abstraction.

 The artist’s canvasses are awash with brilliant colour and articulated by sinuous gestural marks and this new body of work overflows once again with pure movement, beauty and sheer elegance. These pictures have a stillness and contemplativeness at their core which serve to heighten the bursts of colour and gesture contained therein. Kuo stands at the forefront of abstract expressionism in Australia.