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Initially, I studied classic western paint and sculpt technic at University, but I always loved the aesthetic of traditional Japanese arts. I went back to Japan 5 years ago for a little while to learn traditional Japanese painting technic. Since then, I have been using materials that are used in the traditional painting such as genuine silver, brass, copper leaf, Sumi ink, shell gesso, rock/raw pigment from Japan in most of my works. I make paint from scratch. Traditionally, we use deer collagen as a medium to mix with Iwaenogu (rock pigment), but I use an alternative water based medium instead. Preparing a canvas or washi paper often takes more time than the actual painting process. My teachers taught me that the preparation process determines the result of artwork. I have also learned other forms of Japanese arts such as Sho do(calligraphy) and Ikebana (Flower arts). I combine everything I have learnt in Japanese Arts into my contemporary western technique